Daniel Wilfred

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Voice / Yidaki (didjeridu) / Dance

Skin name: Wamut
Clan: Wägilak
Mother’s name: Nala
Father’s name: Old Cooky

Daniel is the youngest of the Young Wägilak Group. He is a singer with an exceptional voice who is totally dedicated to the rendition of manikay. He studies closely and learns from elder, Roy Ashley who currently lives at Beswick.

The Wägilak Gujarra/Nyilapidgi (stone spear group) are leaders in the performance of Wägilak manikay or song cycles and dance. This Young Wägilak Group is based in Ngukurr, NT, from where they travel to outlying regions to perform their roles in various ceremonial functions. Through their performances for Crossing Roper Bar they have allowed people further afield to learn about their culture while showing a way forward for young people wishing to engage with the traditions of the living Elders and their ancestors.

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